How To Protect Your Skin And Your Overall Beauty During Outdoor Activities Such As Sports

rugbyFunWhile warmer weather means more outdoor activities for those of us who love sports, it also means carefully protecting your skin from harsh environmental conditions such as the sun. During spring and summer, a common problem is sunburn which makes your skin become red, tender, and even scaly. Without proper protection against the sun, sun burn can cause long-term damage as well as considerable pain and discomfort.

To a woman, a skin is like a body of a brand new car. The glamor and the exquisite of the outer part tell the beauty on the inner side. Even though men too are currently concerned about the safety of their skin, women’s skin is more delicate and so proper care needs to be taken for her to maintain the beauty.

Use of the best facial cleansers

People who suffer from skin conditions such as blackheads usually avoid outdoor activities due to the fear of making their condition worse. However, this should not stop them from having fun. There are numerous facial cleansers, if looking for blackhead cleanser click here. A good facial cleanser will protect your skin against harsh climatic conditions and keep you looking beautiful.


Apply water resistant sunscreen

When playing outdoors, the sunscreen that you use needs to have a sun protection factor of 30 or more. I love swimming, but i also love looking beautiful when sunbathing after a good swim. For this reason, i apply waterproof mascara as well as waterproof sunscreen to make sure i stay beautiful and my skin safe. Water resistant lotions are good because even after swimming, the rain, or even after swimming, the skin is always protected.


Rub lotions that are soft to the skin

Lotions that are mild and soft are recommended after every bath. This is because the skin contains a natural pigment known as melanin, which protects your skin from external factors. Such lotions will act with your skin to ensure it is kept clean and fresh. Even as you play outside, you will feel the freshness on your skin.


Bath at least twice a day

If spending more time outdoor playing especially during the summer, you need to keep your skin fresh and clean. However, care needs to be taken on the soap since some soap has bleaching properties that might cause allergies. Always choose the ones that will moisturize your skin. While outdoors you usually sweat a lot and so you need to take frequent baths for the good of your skin.


The skin is delicate and needs to be taken care of. With the current world of global warming, effects of climatic conditions such as the sun can cause serious damages to the skin which can eventually lead to skin cancer. For this reason, always apply a sunscreen lotion as these lotions have the capability of absorbing the heat from the sun before it reaches your melanin. Do not allow weather hinder you from having fun simply because you fear for your skin. Follow the above tips and your skin will be safe 24/7.

Safe Indoor Play Equipment For Kids That Can Offer Awesome Experience

indoor games for kidsKids love playing indoors and most especially when with their friends and family. For this reason, you need not let harsh weather hinder your kids from having fun, besides, as the saying goes, “work without play makes Jack a dull boy” however; many parents are faced with challenges when thinking of how they can help their kids play even during winter. All you need is to equip your home with a hardwood floor and a good vacuum cleaner to make sure you are ready for the activities that are going to take place. Also, make sure all the appliances are in good condition for the safety of your kids. For example, if your water heater is leaking from top or bottom, this can be a hazard especially if you have kids and so it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. This article seeks to discuss some of the best indoor play equipment that can help kids have fun and real good time indoors:

X Changer
This is an indoor game that is more like a puzzle of that sort. Kids are expected to run through various set-ups and ways. At first, this game might seem hard, but nothing is challenging. All that a kid needs to do is to move around and keep crossing different hurdles at a time. This indoor sport equipment is very safe as it is fully padded and cushioned and so a kid can hardly get injuries. Equipment material is also not harmful to a child’s health. This is a good game as it can improve strategic thinking ability of a child.

Bungee snake forest
This game offers an illusion of a real forest as well as the reptiles that are most likely to be found there. It is made of soft pads and it is extremely safe to be used by kids of all ages.

Toddler play area
This indoor game is basically ideal for the kids between the ages of 3 to 6. It is made of soft equipment and it involves a lot of climbing, crawling, and sliding. It helps kids get active and also creative thinking and concentrating powers are enhanced since there are lots of tasks where kids are supposed to be very careful of each and every step taken. Even though the game involves a lot of climbing and crawling, a child can hardly get hurt.

Ball fountain
This game is pretty similar to fountain but the only exception is that there is no water. Instead, there is air and some colorful balls. When the air is blown from the bottom, it pushes the balls up in the air making them dance to the pressure being exerted on it much to the delight of a child.

Zigzag web climber
This is a game that has lots of nets and climbing for the kids. A kid is expected to climb up the net until they reach the top. The game might look simple but it is a little bit complicated that what it appears to be. The fun part is not the climbing alone but also when a child clash onto other kids when moving along the way. This game is safe and can be played by kids of all ages from 3.

You do not have to force kids to stay indoors as a result of bad weather and get them bored with movies and cartoons. Kids are proactive creatures and the only way they feel they are living life is when they are playing. Just get any of the above games and make your child happier.

Tips On How To Keep Your Hair In Shape As You Break A Good Sweat In The Field-Learn More

healthy hairA few weeks ago, I joined a sports club in my local area where we get into the field 3 days a week. I love my new way of life but the routine is field with intense cardio as well as running in the field before we can start playing net-ball. As a result of this, I noticed a big difference in my hair’s texture. It became brittle and I also started experiencing dryness. This is when I realized that even as one is sporting, proper hair care is crucial. Eventually, I found some tips that worked for me and I can clearly feel the difference in my hair now. Here are some tips on how you can take care of your hair as you have fun in the field or even in the gym:

Make good use of shampoo and conditioner

When playing or working out, it is obvious that your hair sweats a lot and so this means you should be washing your hair for at least twice a week. The best way to take care of your hair is to wash it with a volumizing shampoo and always get it from a trusted dealer. When my hair started getting dry, I searched for the reviews on the best dry hair shampoos (this page) and I was able to get solution for my hair. Now, I can work-out freely without having to worry about my hair.

Avoid tight hair elastics, hair pins, and clips

Some people love these accessories but it is good to know that they can be a hazard to your hair edges. If you want to protect your hair from breakage, avoid these accessories and instead hold your hair back from the face with a handkerchief or a soft headband. This way, even as you work out or play your hair will be safe.

Make a schedule

One thing you need to know is that washing your hair on a daily basis can be detrimental to your hair health. This is because your hair can become brittle and dry out which can cause breakage. I usually wash my hair twice a week if I have an intense workout schedule, just to make sure I don’t harm my hair.

Working out in cooler climates

By working out in cooler climates, you will be able to reduce the amount of sweat on your hair. I usually workout in the evening after the sun goes down in the summer since the heat intensity can be a little bit much. Therefore, if you work-out or play outdoor, make sure you do so earlier in the mornings or in the evening.

Eat healthy

Even as you take care of your hair, never forget that your hair is made up of proteins and so your scalp lubricates and protects itself with sebum which s gotten from fat. Therefore, when it comes to your hair growth and scalp health, it is good to eat healthy.

Why give up your healthy lifestyle simply you do not want to ruin your hair? Just make good use of the above tips and maintain a healthy hair even as you work-out or play in the field.

How To Relax After Exercise- The Proper Way

We all have good pre-workout and workout routines. We warm up, stretch, drink lots of water and work the whole body. But after the entire exercise, we hurriedly head to the locker room, change and rush home.

What we do not realize is that what you do after a workout really matters. You may have done lots of exercise but how you treat your body just after your work out has direct effect on your muscle growth, muscle strength, muscle soreness and keeping hydrated.

What then should you do to relax after exercise?


Even after you are through with your exercise, you need to keep your body well hydrated. Drink about 2 to 3 cups of water within two hours after you are done with your workout. Afterwards, drink water regularly to keep your entire body hydrated. You may not be thirsty, but you will still require to keep replenishing yourself so that you do not get dehydrated. Although there are some extremely nice tasting alcohol or fruit juices, it’s important to just drink water only so that your body regains the lost fluids.

Cool down

After the last exercise, do not think that your work out is over! What you need to do is cool down. Even if you just did running, it’s important to do some light cardio for some few minutes. This slows your heart rate at a steady pace which enables you to avoid that feeling of being sick after a workout. You can just walk on a treadmill for about five minutes to help you cool down.


Eating is a very important thing after a workout. It’s usually the last thing to do, but it can never be overlooked. During the work out, you actually burn lots of calories, lose a lot of carbohydrates and tear your muscles. You will need to repair the torn muscles and increase your energy levels. Most experts recommend that one eats within 90 minutes of the workout, but the earlier a person eats, the better. Foods that are rich in protein and full of complex carbohydrates are the best. Complex carbs release energy slowly so there is a lot of time to burn them before they turn into fat. On the other hand, the proteins will aid in repairing your muscles.


Stretch and stretch again! This is one important way of cooling things down after an exercise. After a workout session, your muscles naturally contract. By stretching after exercise, you will stop muscles from shrinking. This lets your muscles to rebuild allowing them to grow bigger and stronger, thus letting you enjoy the full benefits of your efforts.

Your muscles also relax, increase circulation to tissues and joints and helps in getting rid of unwanted body by-products, hence reducing muscle stiffness and soreness. Stretching also increases mental alertness, so ensure after every workout, you stretch a bit.
After all the above, you can sit and relax with your favorite magazine. If you have subscribed to a beer club of the month, then this is the perfect time to pick up that magazine and enjoy reading it as your mind is alert and fresh.  These after workout exercises are important to help you get the maximum benefits out of your workout.

Things You Can Do With Your Pet To Keep You Healthy

runningdog_johnnoIt’s a proven fact that pets lower stress in humans. The simple act of petting a dog can have very powerful healing effects. Aside from the natural comfort and companionship a dog gives to their human (and vice versa), there are planned activities that we can do with our dog that can also boost our health. There are many things you can do with your pet to keep you healthy. Not only does it keep you healthy, but it keeps your dog healthy as well. Activity and exercise is a key factor in the health of your dog. 

Most people who have a dog, myself included, regularly take their out for walks. But there’s more we can do with them. They are smart animals who learn very quickly. There’s outings and games that they can learn very easily, and once they get on a routine, will enjoy being a part of on a regular basis.

-Taking your dog for a walk goes without saying. It’s probably the most common activity that bonds humans with their dogs. Turn this activity into an exercise regimen for an added benefit to your health. A little bit of high speed walking, a little bit of jogging, and maybe a hill or two for even more of a cardio vascular workout.

-Hiking. Dogs love to explore their surroundings. For humans, it’s a way to escape daily life and activities and get close to nature. Hiking is great for both the mind and body.

-Frisbee or other outside throw and catch games. This is a great way to unwind at the end of the day, and release a little excess energy. Your dog will love it, and most of the time never get tired of it. You will end up getting tired long before your dog!

-Obedience classes or Advanced Training classes. Dogs love to be challenged. If you’re dog needs a little extra obedience training, why not enroll him in a class to work on some behavioral issues. All dogs can use a little improvement in some areas. Or, if your dog has mastered obedience, there are plenty of advanced classes that can teach them really cool tricks that you can impress your family and friends with. There are many places where these types of classes are offered. Petsmart is my personal favorite and your dog even gets a graduation certificate! My dog happened to graduate from one of the Petmsart obedience classes on his birthday and he was surprised with a “pup-pie”. Plus, while at the store, you can always pick up dog food and have 2 things accomplished at the same time!

-Dog parks are an excellent activity that you can do with your dog. Dogs, just like kids, want to play with their friends. Dog parks are fenced in playgrounds specifically centered around dogs. They usually have water stations and extra toys. You can meet other people out with their dogs and even pick up some pointers. Your dog can play will all breeds of dogs. Beagles, Dachshunds, Labs, Retrievers, Poodles, Pitbulls, Greyhounds, you name it. All breeds are welcome and represented.

-Swimming is a great sport you can do with your dog. It’ great exercise and a great way for both of you to cool off on those hot summer days. When you’ve had enough you can relax on a beach chair while your dog repeatedly fetches a stick. He won’t get bored and I guarantee you, when you return home, he will sleep like a baby!

Dogs have amazing personalities. They love to be around you and they love to please. Don’t be afraid to try new things and push your dog limits. By trial and error, you’ll quickly find things that both you and your dog love.

My Bushcraft adventure – what I learned from my bushcraft trip

tools for bushcraft Most of you know that I’m an outdoor person. I enjoy hiking, camping, surfing, and basically all the outdoor activities. But bushcraft is actually something new for me. Bushcraft adventure can be a thrilling and enjoyable adventure if properly planned, executed and with the right skills and necessities. My first experience however was obviously not that good. I had not done enough research prior to going out. Last summer I went on a bushcraft expedition with my pal at a local park far from my home place. It was a two week adventure whereby we had planned to go and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. As much as we hadn’t planned well, we had done our research well on all equipment to go with, clothing to go with, skills needed and how the place is like. We did some research prior to going for the bushcraft, so that while there we may not miss anything needed there.

Definitely, if you wish to go for one you too need to do enough groundwork on what you shall need there. First is what you shall need in the bush, having in mind that there is a bush with no one around, no shop, no mall, just bushes. Therefore, you must carry a good knife, maybe one or more. It must be sharp, light and sturdy. I spent quite some time doing research online trying to find the right bushcraft knife for me. There are a few key points you need to pay attention to in order to make the right choice. Here is the site ( that helped me choice my bushcraft knife. You shall need it for a lot of work there, from cutting, tearing, skinning an animal, etc. You will also need a firecraft. This is a tool for making fires while in the bush. It may be lighter, matches, sunlight if it will be there or just anything fit for it.

You must also have the skills and the ability to control fires, carry fires and just put it off in case you don’t need it. Knots and ropes also come in handy while in the bush. You use it to tie two or more materials while making shelter or carrying weapons, food and anything. Hunting and trapping skills are very essential. The food there shall involve meat hunted and thus hunting is very important. Shelter too is another essential. An ideal place must be identified, set up a tent, a small hut or just sleeping bag. Before identifying a nice place check on security and nearness to maybe, water and road. Your clothes also should be nice and warm enough for the bush environment. Foraging is an important aspect of a bushcrafter. You must be able to identify edible fruits, berries and plants lest you fall sick. Don’t taste anything you are not sure of since ignorance might let you sick. Other equipments apart from these include a torch with spare batteries, insect repellants, insect net to cover yourself on, wash-kit and towel, utensils you might need there, water bottle a notebook and a pen a camera and a pair of binoculars. Some pills may also come in handy in case of an illness.

Survival skills play a good role too. A good bushcrafter must be a knowledgeable person, ideally wise on the bush if in case of an emergency.

Well, next time you are planning to go to that bush, just make sure you have got all your homework well lest you go there and never enjoy!

How to Deal With Sweaty Hair After Workout

rugbyFunThe major aim of those people who opt to use hair conditioners is for them to make their hair full of life and more vibrant. May be a person’s hair is sweaty and has been damaged after a long day work out, too dry, too frizzy, or is thinning, hair conditioners will assist in dealing with such issues. Below, is a list of basic solutions you can use to deal with sweaty hair concerns.If you are interested in learning more about the hair products to use, I recommend you checkout this site for your shampoo needs.

i. You need to keep off from covering your head entirely when you are working out. Since you want your hair to breathe, try using a hairnet or even a sweatband.

ii. Of course your hair feels itchy and greasy after working out, you can use serum or a non-greasy light moisturizing lotion and massage the scalp. Only use your fingertips.

iii. You can also try using a deep conditioner in every 2 weeks in case you work out most of the time and find your hair becoming brittle and dry.

iv. You can even try RollerSet in case you get a wrap or hairstyle having curling irons. Curls and less heat normally stay put for a long period.

v. Avoid using any alcoholic product on your hair before going on a work out. This is because the hair creates a product containing acid known as sebum. Alcohol plus acid will end up eating your hair.

Conditioners should be chosen depending on the type of the hair as compared to shampoos that need to be chosen depending on the type of the scalp. This helps in avoiding the sweatiness, limp or frizz locks. But with time, the hair may become immune to the effects of the conditioning formulas. This will actually lead to a buildup, thus, regardless of the conditioner you end up using, change the brand of the conditioner you are using maybe monthly.

How to find the right nanny for your kids?

kidsI often need to run sports camps in the summer while my kids are on summer break. Although I tried to bring them with me during the camp, there are still cases where I need to hire nanny for my kids. After researching and interviewing lots of nannies, I finally found one that meets my expectation. it’s not a easy task so i figure I’ll share what I learn on this blog.

Hiring a nanny is a very important decision and it requires a lot of research as well as planning. After all, the security and development of your child is what is at stake. There are a lot of things that you need to check before you can finally hire a nanny but at the end of it all, it is all about your instincts. Do you trust the person you are about to hire and think that he or she will do a good job of taking care of your kids in your absence?

The search for a nanny that will fit the schedule and needs of your child as well as your budget can be a very daunting task, but the following tips will assist you in ensuring that you get the right nanny:

The places to find the right candidate

If you are looking for a nanny, it is a perfect idea to let your workmates, friends, neighbors as well relatives know, since personal references are the most reassuring.

Also, you can browse through the internet and look for websites that connect parents with the available nannies. The internet is great for finding candidates as it save you the time and effort of doing background checks. The nannies offered in most of these sites are trained and you will get all the information you need about your preferred person at an affordable cost.

However, if you do not feel comfortable with the internet, you can visit agencies in your town that specializes in placing nannies or community parenting organization that lists the available nannies.

Make sure that you ask the right question

Asking the right questions when interviewing a nanny is very important. Interviewing is the most important step in hiring a nanny, this is the chance that you should get to know the person you are about to entrust your kids with. But before interview, make sure you go through applicants’ resume carefully. A good nanny’s resume should have example of her qualification, past experiences and testimonials and follow guidelines mentioned here.

You should come up with a list of questions before the interview. The questions you write down should be aimed at finding out the background of the candidate, his or her years of experience, training, reasons as to why they left the former employer and others. You should also find out if he or she has a flexible schedule, the activities the person is interested in doing with the kids and the type of discipline.

Do a test run

Before you finally hire your preferred candidate. You should first have the person spend some few paid hours with your kids under your supervision.

After observing his or her interaction with your kids, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Check for credibility

Check for at least three references of the interviewee and make sure you personally visit them or give them a call to ask how their experience was with your candidate. Ask them the reason your candidate left and if they would let him or her watch over the sister’s kids. If the response is positive, then you can move to the next step.

Evaluate their body language

Be keen to note if the candidate is nervous or fidgety and does not make eye contact with you, as this can be a sign that something is wrong.

Do a background check

Perform a background check on your candidate before actually hiring him or her. Conduct a social security number check and a county court records check in all the area that the candidate has lived. Also, check the sex offender registry, drug test, credit check and motor vehicle driving record.

A right nanny means peace of mind when working. In the case of too many applicants to go through, screen their resumes first. Only interview the ones with strong resumes and related experiences to save you time.

Camping And Fish with My Rugby Teammates-Survival Knife for Camping

fishingMany of us grew up with our families and had great childhood memories of what camping is all about. To me, the best camping experience was when I went camping with my rugby teammates in the second week of March this year in Florida. It was really fun being with my age mates and I found it different from the experience I had when I went camping with my family at the age of 10.

We have been playing rugby for the past 5 years but we had never thought of going for a camping trip. One of the team members proposed that go camping and we all agreed. But since this was our first camping trip as a team, we had no camping gears and so everyone had to purchase all what was needed.

I started by purchasing a mattress because I could not imagine sleeping on a mat. I also managed to get a mosquito net to go over me at night, and even though the tent had screen windows, I did not want to take chances with blood sucking vermin. I also carried with me a survival knife for camping, just to make sure am ready to face anything in the wilds. I picked up my survival knife from here. Having secured my lodging needs, I was ready for fun business!

I could not remember the last time I stayed for a week without internet, video games, or even watching movies. But I realized it was very possible with the magic of camping. I was able to meet new friends and had a lot of fun. What I did not regret carrying along was survival knife for camping because it really helped us. We could chop sticks, clear small bushes to get a good ground to train on, and chopping our foods as well. Below are some of the activities that made my camping experience memorable:

1. Fishing

Camping and fishing are two common outdoor activities. We camped near a well stocked lake and I had fun fishing. I was so excited when I finally caught my first fish and roasted it.

2. Camp fires

This was incredibly fun; singing songs at night, telling stories, laughing, or roasting marshmallows was just great. But what I cherished most was the great time we had around the campfire. We would sing going round the fire and even other friends from other groups could join in making it more fun.

3. Snacks

I love snacking. But camping snacks are a bit different. This is because they included trail mix, S’more, and a cup of steaming hot chocolate around the campfire.

4. Wildlife

Seeing mountain bear or a lion was really breathtaking. Even though I was a bit terrified, it felt good to see such animals in their natural habitat I also saw dolphins, seals and more animals that made camping experience memorable.

5. Sleeping in the wilds

No one would ever think that sleeping in the wild was that fun. Trust me there is something magical about night sounds and the vast tones of stars that fills the sky.

6. Rain

It was fun drifting off to sleep while listening to the rain drops sound. Rain is something that most people hate to experience when they go camping, but in our time it rained one night and I can assure you that the sound and smell is a great outdoor experience.

7. Cooking in the wild

I learned to try out different cooking. We had Coleman stove which we used to make breakfast each morning. We could make scrambled eggs, toast, or bacon. Dinner time was when we had to try out different ways of cooking our food. We could make homemade cobbler with the use of Dutch oven, where we dug a hole and put some hot coal on top and at the bottom of the pot. There was a time we made pizza in a solar oven that we made out of an aluminum foil and a cardboard box. Another time we made dinner inside two pieces of foil and placed directly on top of hot coals. I was amazed with all the different ways we made our food, and how it consistently tasted fantastic.

8. Hunting

It was great to go hunting. We used of survival knifes for camping to hunt down antelopes. We used to tie the knife on a bigger stick to emulate a spear and we would throw it towards our target animal. We once managed to catch an antelope and it was so easy to skin the animal and getting it ready for roasting.

Some people perceive wild camping to be challenging. But what I can assure you is that with the right gears, it is not hard at all. Camping with my rugby teammates was really great. It was an experience that I will never forget.


Frequently asked questions
Q – What age groups do the camps provide for?
A – The camps provide for children between the ages of 11 and 16. Participants must be aged 11 years of age and over, and less than 17 years of age on the 1st Sep 2007.

Q – Do the camps provide for both boys and girls?
A – Yes the camps provide for both boys and girls.

Q – What playing standards do the camps cater for?
A – The camps will cater from the complete novice to representative levels. The participants will be grouped according to age and playing experience. When booking we will ask for both their age and the number of years they have been playing the game. This will ensure that every child is challenged during their three day camp.

Q – What times do the camps start and finish?
A – The camps run from 10am till 4pm everyday

Q – Are the camps residential?
A – In 2007 the camps are non-residential; we do not provide accommodation advice.

Q – What standard are the coaches who will be involved in the camps?
A – The coaches will all be RFU qualified and recommended coaches of grade two and above.

Q – Is there an opportunity for non-qualified amateur coaches to become involved?
A – Unfortunately we can not offer coaching development schemes at Martin Johnson rugby camps.

Q – Do the children have insurance cover whilst they participate at Martin Johnson Rugby Camps?
A – The camps are fully covered under the RFU insurance policy for non-residential community based rugby programmes of this nature.

Q – What safety procedures are in place at Martin Johnson Rugby Camps?
A – The camps will each have a St John’s ambulance, fully qualified physiotherapists and a health and welfare officer present every day of the camp.